Win an HP Touchscreen Laptop!

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Win an HP Touchscreen Laptop ~ $750 value (Enter Daily, Thru 12/22) | BuyDig

Who’s ready to win?? Take a look a the post below and you could! We’ve joined together with SEVERAL awesome bloggers to help give away an HP Touchscreen Laptop! That’s a $750.00 value!! Whether you give it to a family member or keep it for yourself, it would be an awesome win for you! GOOD Luck!

This HP Pavilion Touch Smart Laptop provides all of the benefits of desktop, with the portability of a notebook computer. You don’t have to give up performance to be mobile, and now you don’t have to pay more either! Check it out at! I highly recommend them, as well as this laptop. It would make a great gift! For further info read the HP Pavillion TouchSmart review! Get the best deal on an HP Pavilion Touch Smart Laptop at! The price is SO low … you’ll actually need to add it to your cart to see the price., a site devoted to finding the lowest prices on consumer electronics, lists as the lowest price on the internet! Looking for a computer? Check out’s extensive selection of computers, laptops, 2 in 1’s, and tablets, including the HP Pavilion Touch Smart we’re giving away! Then head on over to enter and win!

Two ways to win!


1. #DigMyOrder ~ Winner every week!

On Twitter? Purchase between November 10th and January 20th, follow @BuyDig, tweet your order number and a brief description of your purchase, include the hash tag #DigMyOrder, and will automatically enter you in a weekly contest to receive a full refund on your order of up to $500.00! Looking for a laptop? Check out’s extensive selection of computers, laptops, 2 in 1’s, and tablets, including the HP Pavilion Touch Smart that we’re giving away!


2. Win an HP Touchscreen Laptop from us!

Through December 22, enter every day for your chance to win a HP Pavilion Touch Smart Laptop from! The entry form is located below, and can also be found on every participating blog. Check them out for more chances to win! Except for selecting a product that you would like to own and leaving comment, all the other methods of entry are 100% optional (but are strongly encouraged – it’s a $750 laptop, guys!) It only takes one entry to win, but the more entries you complete – the better your chances! Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms: Winner will be chosen randomly on 12/22/14 and notified using the email given at registration. Winner must contact us within 48 hours (by Wednesday night – 12/24, 11:59 pm Central) to claim their prize, by sending an email. Failure to claim prize will result in forfeiting prize and another winner will be chosen and contacted, and will have 48 hours to respond. This will take place until a winner confirms. This randomly drawn sweepstakes is sponsored by Prize fulfillment is the responsibility of This contest is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+. Entering to win means you agree with these terms and release any liability regarding these rules. Good luck!

FREE 3 Week Supply of Laundry Detergent!



I have mentioned before how much I love MySurvey! It was the first survey site I EVER signed up with and the first site I ever made money with online. Well here is yet another reason to love them!

I’m hearing rumors that they have this fantastic product test going on again!! Get a FREE 3 week supply of laundry detergent!! Then get paid to give your opinion on it!! Invitations are going out now so don’t wait!

  • Sign up for MySurvey HERE (it’s free!)
  • Log in to your to your account and see if you have the offer!

Reminder, this could end anytime, don’t miss out!

Note: Everyone qualifies for different surveys based on demographic information, such as location, family size, etc. 


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3 Bubbly Cocktails for New Years Eve!

New Years Eve is just around the corner! Whether you're throwing a party or just relaxing at home, these 3 bubbly cocktails for New Years Eve will help you ring in the new year in style!

3 Bubbly Cocktails for New Years Eve!

Whoo hoo! New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and the champagne and sparkling wine are already chilling for their big night. The only difference in the two is that Champagne is made in the Champagne region of France and sparkling wine is made everywhere else in the world. If you splurge and have a great bottle of sparkling wine, there is no need to make it into a bubby cocktail. If you opt for a less expensive bottle and want to make a signature drink for the night and have a little festivity in a glass, having a few different bubbly cocktails is just the answer.

An easy one is the BlackBerry Bubbly that starts with a Brut Champagne or Sparkling Wine. Brut is a dry champagne and pairs well with the blackberries. Fill up your champagne flutes to the top with the blackberries and pour in the sparkling wine. Once the bubbles have gone away, pour in more and let it sit for a few minutes so that the fruit marries with the wine. As your guests eat their champagne soaked berries, add more of each. This is a really easy bubbly cocktail and a great light refreshing taste.

Grab your favorite champagne flute and toss raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries into the bottom of the glass and using either a muddler or a spoon, smash all the fruit into it is in a smoothie-like state. Alternatively you can put all the fruit in a blender and have it ready to go for the party. There should be at least an inch of fruit at the bottom of the glass and then add in the champagne. The fruit will mix very well with the champagne and you can add more bubbly throughout the night. This bubbly cocktail can be made with either Brut or Spumante (sweet) sparkling wine.

If you want a bubbly champagne to wow the crowd, you can’t go wrong with St. Germaine Bubbly Cocktail. Add 2 ounces of St. Germaine to 4 ounces of Champagne and fill the rest of the flute with soda water.  You can accent this with a lemon twist or a strawberry on the glass. This cocktail goes down oh so easy, and is a definite crowd pleaser. It can also be served over ice in a high ball glass and is one of my favorite signature bubbly drinks.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve with any or all of these Bubbly Cocktails. A good thing to remember is that if you are using overripe fruit that you will have more sugar released from the berries and the drink will be sweeter. If you are looking for a tarter taste, then use fruit that is just begun to ripen. I do this with the Blackberry Bubbly as I love the tart taste mixed with the dry brut champagne.

Sunday Brunch For 12/21/2014

Take a load off and enjoy Sunday brunch with me! Together, we'll recap the best posts from the previous week!



Happy Sunday! Man, it seems like the week has just flown by! We’re busy getting ready for Christmas here at our house and I just have to say that I am super excited! Christmas is my favorite time of the year! Everyone just seems to come together and love flows freely more so than the rest of the year. Plus? There’s nothing prettier to me than watching twinkling Christmas lights after dark! Do you have a favorite thing about the holiday season?


Anyhow, our Sunday Brunch together is a new weekly post that you’re going to start seeing around here. Each week, I’ll give you a recap of the best posts that were posted, my favorite posts I read elsewhere, my favorite book I’m reading or whatever happens to strike my fancy this week! Sit back and enjoy and have a relaxing day!


What you may have missed: 

This week we talked about a few things and I think you’re going to love them!


We talked about what a $5.00 cell phone taught my 9 year old

My 9 year old begged for her own phone for a over a year! Finally I gave in! See what a $5.00 Phone taught my 9 year old! You might be surprised! I certainly was!



I shared my simple 3 step laundry detergent recipe with you

I love this laundry detergent recipe! Its simple and quick to make up! If you're looking to lower your laundry costs, this simple 3 step homemade laundry detergent DIY is perfect for you!


I talked about 10 things that thrifty people reuse and asked for your help finding any that I missed

Do you reuse items in your home? I do! Check out these 10 Things Thrifty People Reuse to save yourself some cash!


I shared my very, very yummy Cheesy-Peasy Breakfast Pizza recipe with you

Get rid of the cereal bowl and bake up this Cheesy-Peasy Breakfast pizza! Its perfect anytime of the day!



and finally, I gave you some advice on 6 things you need to do before the end of the year


The end of the year brings a beginning and fresh start. Make sure you're prepared to usher in the new year with these 6 things you need to do before the end of the year!



My favorite things I read this week:

Six Figures Under shared her strategy for saving on heating bills and I adored how she used the frog analogy!






Grow a Good Life shared an awesome tutorial (complete with supply list) for how to grow an indoor garden





Lauren’s Latest posted the *best* instant pancake mix and now I have to try it! Its on my list for this week!


FREE MoneyBright Kids DVD & Learning Guides! Just Pay $4.95 Shipping!




I am LOVING this freebie!! Teaching our kids about money is SO important but it can be crazy hard to do! Thats where awesome freebies like this come into play! Hurry and you can grab a FREE MoneyBright Kids DVD made just for teaching the kiddos how to manage their money, the value of a dollar and more!! You’ll even get FREE Learning Guides with your order! This would be great for any parent, but ESPECIALLY homeschooling parents! You will have to pay $4.95 shipping, but that is STILL an awesome deal for something that will help you teach your kids a lifelong lesson!


Here’s how to get yours:

  • Head over HERE
  • Fill out the form on the right.
  • Choose yes or no to the bonus offer. You are NOT required to take this offer and will still get the DVD for FREE if you don’t.
  • Pay $4.95 for shipping!


Note: This IS a monthly offer. Please read all terms & conditions for the offer.

Get Out of the Kitchen and On the Couch With The Family with Market Street! #MarketStreetTX





How many of you will be cooking Christmas dinner this year? I’m not! I know that I should feel sorta bad for that, but let me be honest here; I don’t. Not in one tiny, little bit. This year? Our Christmas dinner will be cooked and ready to go for me at Market Street! Why? Because after slaving away for Thanksgiving dinner and a final budget blown? I am more than happy to outsource our Christmas meal!

Market Street offers several different selections for your holiday dinner. There’s something to please everyone! From roasted turkey to sweet sliced ham, you’re sure to find what you need to fit the tastes of everyone around the table. Our family will be going with the roasted turkey dinner. It comes with a 10-12lb turkey, gravy, cranberry relish, cornbread dressing and more! Its the perfect dinner for us and guess what? I won’t be spending anymore out of pocket really than I would be if I made it myself! (Seriously, I paid over $25.00 for my Thanksgiving turkey alone)

Its super simple to order too! Just head over to the Market Street catering page and click on “holiday dinners” at the top. Choose the dinner of your choice and click on “view details.” Add it to your cart and then click the blue “view cart” button.Log in and finish your order! Bam! Holiday dinner taken care of in just 5 minutes! When your order is ready, just slide on over to the your local store and pick it up! Easy peasy!

Some of you might be questioning why I’m doing Christmas this way this year. Its like this…I could spend 3 days in the kitchen baking and cooking those things myself. I could spend $25 on another turkey plus the cost of all the sides. I could also let Market Street cook my meal and have a meal that is every bit as tasty while I get to actually enjoy the holiday with my family.

Its a no-brainer for me! I would rather spend that time with my daughter and husband. Family time is so precious to us these days and I soak up all that I can get, when I can get it.


Want to check out Market Street for your own holiday dinner? Head over to the catering page on the Market Street website! Which one do you think looks the tastiest?


This post is sponsored by Market Street, however, all opinions are my own and are 100% truthful. You can read more about this in my disclosure policy.

Cheesy-Peasy Breakfast Pizza Recipe!

Get rid of the cereal bowl and bake up this Cheesy-Peasy Breakfast pizza! Its perfect anytime of the day!
When I lived in Iowa for a time, we had a frozen pizza brand available to us that had an awesome breakfast pizza option. Now, I’m not one for frozen pizzas most of the time since I prefer my own, however this one? Holy smokes it was good! So over the years since I moved from there, I’ve really missed that frozen pizza…lol. Lucky for me? Its super easy to make at home by myself! We actually like to use it for a quick breakfast at dinner night too sometimes! The best part about this recipe? It freezes VERY well!


You will need:

  • (1) partially baked pizza crust
  • bacon, fried and diced (or rip it into larger pieces like we do)
  • sausage, crumbled and fried
  • scrambled eggs
  • Cheddar cheese sauce
  • shredded cheddar or colby -jack cheese
  • shredded mozzarella cheese
  • any other toppings you may want


Notice I didn’t put any amounts with the ingredients? There’s a reason for that. Some people want more of one topping than others and just like any pizza, this one is 100% yours so add as much or as little of a topping as you’d like.


To start, partially bake your pizza crust (don’t bake all of the way, only about half of the required baking time), fry and dice your bacon, scramble the eggs and crumble and brown your sausage. Drain the bacon and sausage very well because if not, you’ll have a greasy pizza. You’ll also want to make up your cheddar cheese sauce too. You can use any cheddar sauce that you want. I typically use SoutherEastern Mills Cheddar Cheese sauce mix just because its really quick and easy to mix up and honestly? The rest of this recipe takes time so anything I can add that is quick? I’m all for it.




Once you’ve got your prep work done, spread the cheddar cheese sauce onto the crust.




Next, spread the scrambled eggs out in an even layer across the pizza.



Sorry for the blurry pic. Not sure what happened but hey! Blurry breakfast pizza!

Now, layer the sausage in an even layer. Blurry sausage! Yay!



Toss your bacon pieces on top in an even layer.

Toss the cheddar (or colby-jack..that’s what we use) on. Go on, don’t be shy. Cheese that baby all up!




Now? Add some more cheese! Add the mozzarella on top in a thinner layer. Like I said, don’t be shy with the cheese…cheese is goooood. :)

Bake your ooey gooey, cheesy-pleasy pizza at 350 until the cheese is fully melted and the crust if finished baking. Let sit for a few minutes and serve hot. To freeze, just cut into slices and store in Ziploc bags. When you’re ready to re-heat, pop one in the microwave for 60 seconds or so and enjoy!


SHOP FOR FREE! FREE + $1.01 MoneyMaker on Cascade Platinum!!

cascade platinum


Man!! I am SO glad to see this deal!! For real! I need to build my stockpile back up after spending 6 months using it up (so it wouldn’t go bad) and this deal will help for sure! HURRY over to Walgreens and you can pick up a GREAT deal on Cascade Platinum Dish Tablets!! They’re priced at $3.99, but you’ll end with a final price of FREE!! Whoo hoo!!


Buy (1) Cascade Platinum Dish Tablets, 14 count – $3.99, Walgreens Sale Price
Pay $3.99 OOP
Get back $5.00 Visa Prepaid card found HERE
Final price: FREE + $1.01 Money Maker!!


If you already have RR or BRP to use, this deal gets even better! Use those to pay $0.00 oop!


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Thanks Wild 4 Wags!

FREE + 62¢ MoneyMaker Revlon Shadowlinks!



Whoo hoo! Ready for another free coupon deal? I am!! Head over to CVS before the sale ends tomorrow and you can score FREE Revlon Shadowlinks singles!! Free makeup? YES PLEASE!


Buy (2) Revlon Shadowlinks Eye Shadow Singles – $3.19 each, CVS Price
Use $2 off a Revlon Cosmetic Product
Pay $4.38 OOP
Get back $5.00 ECB
Final Price: (2) FREE + .62¢ Money Maker!!





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FREE Box of Snacks!!! $6.99 Value!


Whoo hoo! I don’t know bout you guys, but I LOVE free snacks!! HURRY and you can pick up a FREE box of healthy, organic snacks from Graze! That’s a $6.99 value totally FREE!! As far as I can tell, there is NOT even a shipping charge! I didn’t get charged when I went through it!

 Here’s how to get yours:



That’s it!! Keep in mind that this IS a monthly offer, however you are under NO obligation to continue. If you are not 100% satisfied, cancel and be done with it. However, if you, like me! LOVE the stubscription? Keep it and you’ll pay just $6.99 per box! Easy peasy!


(Photo Credit)


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FREE 2015 Civic Calendar from the National Constitution Center!

Yes I'm aware...I know its a pic of the 2014

Yes I’m aware…I know its a pic of the 2014 calendar…lol.



Still need to grab a calender for 2015? No worries! Hurry over and fill out a short form and you can request your copy of the National Constitution Center’s 2015 calender for FREE! I LOVE it when we get the chance to grab a freebie calendar!

 Get yours –> FREE 2015 Civic Calendar



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