12 Month Savings | Cutting Entertainment Costs to Save Your Budget

12 Month Savings

Yay! Another new monthly series! This one, our 12 Month Savings series is designed to walk you through lower your bills and other expenses one month at a time. Each month we will focus on a new area of our lives and budgets with the ultimate goal being to save as much as possible. Life is so expensive these days and we can all use some help. That’s how this idea was born. It is my hope that this series, along with our upcoming Frugal Black belt weekly series (can YOU get your black belt in frugality?) will help you not only save better, but also live a better quality of life.

For January, I want to focus on entertainment in our lives. This can be one of the most expensive things in our budget. Most places, you’re hard pressed to go to the movies for under $10.00 per person. Cable can run you hundreds each month and don’t get me started on places like theme parks and the like.

Let me tell you. We had Direct Tv. By the time that my 2 year contract was finished, we were paying almost $180.00 a month.  Do you know the last time I actually sat and watched tv for more than 20 minutes? 2010. Not kidding.  That’s almost $2,200 per year on a service that only my Emma really uses.

So when my contract was up for renewal, I wondered if I really needed to renew. Know what I figured out? No. I didn’t. (Much to the dismay of the kid)

So what did I do?

Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Both of them gave us a free trial and the cost of both combined each month is much less than even 1 month of D-tv. I pay $14.95/mo for Netflix that gives her access to movies and $7.95/mo for Hulu Plus that gives her access to tv shows.

Let’s do the math:

$14.95+$7.95=$22.91 (or $274.92 per year)

$2160 (the actual cost of my D-tv) – $274.92= $1885.08

I’m saving $1885.08 per year just by making a very simple switch.

The kid is happy too because now Netflix offers Netflix kids AND they now offer Disney movies and shows. My budget is a lot happier too.

So this month, I challenge you. Take a look at that cable or satellite bill. Do you really need to be spending all of that money? Or could you, like me, sign up for Netflix, Hulu Plus or both and be just as happy?

FWIW? Both are still offering their free trails. Get the Netflix Free Trial and the Hulu Plus 7 day Free trial.

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  1. They have different content is why. Hulu has the more recent shows and Netflix has the oldie but goodies. :)

  2. jen durant says:

    if you have the 7.99 netflix plan you get all you can watch movies AND tv shows, not sure what the difference is for hulu plus

  3. I gave up AT&T U-verse about 2 months ago. The “promo” period ended, and they doubled my bill. I’m surprised at how well we’ve done without it. Hulu and Netflix and a good digital antenna, work well. Many current shows are viewable on Hulu just within days or a couple of weeks after they air.