2012 Wal-Mart Christmas Layaway 2012 Announcement

Walmart Layaway Announcement 2012



Walmart has announced the 2012 Walmart Layaway program! There’s a few changes this year, but I personally think they’re better changes and will make things easier for those that use this program to get Christmas for their families. First off, ┬áthe fee to open a layaway account will cost you a flat $15.00. It will also cost you a down payment of $10.00 or 10%, whichever is the greatest amount of the two. This amount is applied to your purchase total. Individual items must be priced at least $15.00 and your entire layaway order must be a minimum of $50.00. The categories which qualify for layaway has been expanded and now includes things like sporting goods (select) and some home appliances.


The biggest plus that I see to the new changes is the potential for early access. Customers who sign up via their local Wal-Mart’s Facebook page, starting August 28, 2012 will be able to have early access to the layaway program. Instead of having 60 days to pay their orders in full, those customers will have a full 90 days.


The other plus is the full refund of the opening fees. When you make your final payment, you’ll receive the full opening fee ($15.00) back as a Wal-mart gift card. If you don’t pay for your order in full, of course, you lost this $15.00.


I personally think that these changes are great and I hope that they’ll make this Christmas season so much easier for those that would otherwise have a hard time.


Thanks I Heart the Mart for the info!

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