August Dollar Challenge | Saving Our Way One Dollar At A Time!

envelope with cash Some of you might remember a few months back when I was doing the monthly dollar challenge. It was so much fun that I’ve decided to bring it back! I loved watching the savings add up and I know that some of you got involved too to make it even more fun!


Here’s how it works:


The House of AIC currently pays for everything with cash. We don’t use credit cards at all and we try not to use debit cards unless we have no choice. Not only does this keep us from spending too much (because you will spend less when you use cash vs plastic) but it also lets us physically see our savings grow. That is how the dollar challenge came into play.



Since we use cash only, we end up with an abundance of $1.00 bills each time we go and do something. For the dollar challenge, at the end of each day, we pull ALL of our $1.00 bills out of our wallet and purse and place them in an envelope. That envelope is then put away and forgotten about. At the end of the month? That money goes into our ING Electric Orange Checking Account. We use this account for one because they give out a $50.00 bonus when you open one. I also love that there are literally no fees. No overdraft charges (which we don’t usually have to worry about), no atm fees and no monthly fees. That alone saves us even more money because you’d be surprised to see how much those fees can add up. (In fact, I challenge you to actually look at your bank statement. You’ll be shocked.)

This accomplishes 2 things: First, we’re saving money without missing money. Chances are that we don’t really need those ones anyhow. Pulling them out and stashing them lets us save without taking from our other income sources. It also has the added benefit that it’s fun! I get such a kick out of seeing just how much we can stash in that envelope in 30 days. You’d be amazed at how much you really can do!


So here we go. It’s a new month and that means a new challenge. Are you in? I’d love it if you’d join me. I’ll be updating every week and I’d love to hear from you too. Can’t afford to do ones? No worries. Do it with whatever you can afford to do…even if it’s just your spare pennies. We’re not picky round here :)


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