Back to School Deals | Tax Free Shopping Days 2012

Back to School Deals


Buying school clothes can be so expensive! That’s why the tax free shopping days can be such a helper! Even something as small as saving tax on your items can really have a big impact on your saving! Check out the tax free shopping days for this year!


Click on the link for details pertaining to your state.

Alaska,  Has no general tax

Arizona,  Not participating

California,  Not participating

Colorado,  Not participating

Delaware,  Has no general tax

  • Florida  Aug. 3rd – 5th
  • Georgia  Aug. 10th – 11th and again Oct. 5th – 7th

Hawaii,  Not participating

Idaho,  Not participating

Illinois, Not participating

Indiana,  Not participating

  • Iowa  Aug. 3rd – 4th

Kansas,  Not participating

Kentucky,  Not participating

  • Louisiana  Aug. 3rd – 4th

Maine,  Not participating

Massachusetts,  Not participating

Michigan,  Not participating

Minnesota,  Not participating

  • Mississippi  July 27th – 28th
  • Missouri Aug. 3rd – 5th

Montana,  Has no general tax

Nebraska,  Not participating

Nevada,  Not participating

New Hampshire,  Has no general tax

New Jersey,  Not participating

New York,  Not participating

  • North Carolina  Aug. 3rd – 5th

North Dakota,  Not participating

Ohio,  Not participating

Oregon,  Has no general tax

Pennsylvania,  Not participating

Rhode Island,  Not participating

  • South Carolina  Aug. 3rd – 5th

South Dakota,  Not participating

Utah,  Not participating

Vermont,  Not participating

Washington DC,  Repealed, not participating

Washington state,  Not participating

West Virginia,  Date not set yet, may not be participating

Wisconsin,  Not participating

Wyoming,  Not participating

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  1. surfgrl460 says:

    Of course, Not Idaho! We have a shitty Governor. Waste all of the money on useless roadwork that takes 1 year. Every state should participate in this! People in Idaho dont make much money. Its a slave wage state. Rent is high yet most people here are on assistance. BUT NO! God forbid we get at least 1 tax free day!

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