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You know? I used to have some very professional sounding spiel here about myself and then I decided to change it. Adventures in Coupons is all me; from the carefully picked logo ^^ (up) there, right down to my love of all things bacon and zombies. This “who is” page needed to be too. If you’ll allow me, I’d like to share a bit about who I am, where I come from and why AIC is what it is today.


I am Stacy, a 32 year old mom (to a wonderful 9 year old girl) and wife (to an equally wonderful 31 year old man), originally from Southern Ohio, (you can scroll down for a cute pic of the rest of the fam!) but who now (and forever more) calls Northeast, TX my home. I have been couponing and deal seeking since late 2004 as the birth of my daughter approached, but have been frugal my whole life. I grew up basically dirt poor, taught to save by my Dad who never let a penny go without squeezing it a few times.


I have been through a lot in my life. Most of it my own making to be honest; whether through stupid mistakes or just circumstances that I allowed. I won’t bore you with most of the details but the short version is this: I was a teenage drug addict, I’m divorced multiple times. My daughter and I spent the majority of 2010 in a homeless shelter and I’m sober almost 4 years. I have been where some of you are or have been and I’m in no way ashamed of that. At times, you’ll hear me talk about it on here.


Adventures in Coupons was started in April 2011. It was a way for me to get my personal friends and family involved and being candidly honest with you? It was never intended to be what it has grown into. Suddenly though, with very little warning, it grew beyond all of my expectations. You guys came and over the years, you’ve kept coming. So I kept blogging…and kept doing my best to guide and teach you all the absolute best ways to make your money stretch. Now, what started as a hobby for me reaches more people on any given day than I ever could have imagined. You have no idea how much that means to me and just how grateful I am for each and every one of you.


I want you to know this: This blog is a huge part of me now. It is a very small part of what actually defines me as a person and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. I take pride in it and what I do and yes, I’ll admit it, that’s a relatively new feeling for me.


I truly hope that your “stay” here on AIC is a good one: that you’re able to find the help, the deals, the laughs or tears that you need to get through what has become a very hard time for a lot of people. If you ever do need more help than what is provided here, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m busy, but I’m never too busy to help someone.


One last thing:


From the bottom of my heart; .I am truly glad you’re here. Now put your feet up, grab your cup of coffee, sit back and stay awhile. While you’re at it? Why not visit AIC over on Facebook or swing by Twitter and say hey. You can also find me pinning away on Pinterest each day too! I love hearing from you guys!





The other 2 members of the House of AIC. - Mr. AIC and the Monkey Child.

The other 2 members of the House of AIC. – Mr. AIC and the Monkey Child.


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  1. :) I grew up in the Chillicothe/Circleville area and you are correct. Heroin is running rampant there right now. It keeps us from actually moving home. I don’t want my daughter right in the thick of it all.

  2. Christy says:

    Hiya Stacy- found your site via Pinterest… Digging it! And it’s cool to meet another southern O girl… I’m from West Union, Adams county and still calling Ohio home about an hour east of Columbus nowdays… Southern ohio is such a hotbed for drugs and addiction- glad you were able to overcome! Take care and I’ll be around ☺

  3. Christina,

    Baking soda and vinegar will clean your house just as well, without the chemicals for A LOT cheaper.

  4. alwaysasking82 says:

    Found this on Pinterest and when I saw the names Brookshires and Kroger I knew you had to be an East Tx gal! LOL! Enjoyed your tips on when to buy meat. I also have the problem of meat being the reason my bill is so high. (That and cleaning chemicals)
    Keep posting,

  5. Love the post. From one Ohio woman to another transplanted to East Texas !

  6. Thank you for the kind words Emily. I don’t look at myself that way, I’m just honest…brutally sometimes. We all have (or have had) our issues and I’ve never seen a reason to hide mine from people.

  7. Just found this blog from a post on Pinterest (the “Are you really frugal?” article). Clicked around and read your bio. Unbelievable. Your daughter is very lucky to have such a dedicated mother. You have so much to be proud of. Keep doing what you’re doing–you are an inspiration.

    Wishing you continued strength,


  8. :) Welcome. Glad to have you :)

  9. Stacy, I respect your honesty in what you share in your blog! It takes courage to be able to convey ones past when it wasn’t all roses! Kudos to you girl!
    I came across your site through a pin for the peppermint/green tea bath soak. I also added your site to my faves:) I think I will stick around to see what else you have here.
    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

  10. You’re welcome. :) Glad you found the site.

  11. Thanks for all your tips =) I recently found you on FB.

  12. hey stacy had a blast talking with you this weekend. Hope to see you again in March

  13. christy stricklin hopper says:

    Love your Bio!!!! And thank you for bringing us the greatest deals and freebies!!!

  14. Adventures in Coupons says:

    Welcome Renee :)

  15. Renee McCarty says:

    Hi I’m Renee,
    Loved reading your bio, and I’m glad I finally found you lol..(your site)
    Love the site and have a great evening

  16. Thank you for your kind words Kim. I hide nothing about myself or what I’ve been through. Too many people do and no one is able to learn from their mistakes. Hopefully, someone can learn my story and avoid having their own story of the same sort.

    Take care and God Bless. :)

  17. Hi Stacy,

    I just wanted to say how refreshing it was to read your bio. Your honesty about yourself is great. My kids are grown now and I am older but when I was your age, I too had a troubled past that I overcame. It is such a taboo to be a mommy and talk about your own problems…as if we are all perfect.

    I wish you much continued strength for the happiness of yourself and your daughter.



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