Buttermilk Substitute

buttermilk substitute

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How many recipes have you seen that have called for buttermilk but you haven’t had any? I know personally, buttermilk is NOT something that I tend to keep on hand very often anymore. Did you know you can make a substitute that tastes pretty much the same (there is a slight difference in taste but not much) AND is SO much more cost effective?


Want to hear how? It’s fairly simple.


Add 2T white vinegar to 2 cups of milk and let it sit long enough to curdle.

Seriously! That’s it! Cheap, effective and tasty in recipes! ;)

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  1. Tablespoons hon

  2. marybeth i says:

    Is that two tsp or two tablespoons?

    Thanks for the tip

  3. Sandy S. says:

    I’ve never bought buttermilk. My mother told me this trick about 55 years ago, when I was a child just learning to bake.

  4. Joyce Horn says:

    My mom taught me this secret years ago. I use it anytime I am baking and need buttermilk. I don’t even measure it. I just pour in a little vinegar and add however much milk I need. It works great.

  5. I’ve done this, and it definitely works. Love it!


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