7 DIY (and cheap!) Back To School Gift Ideas for Teachers!

7 DIY (and cheap!) Back To School Gift Ideas for Teachers!


7 DIY (and cheap!) Back To School Gift Ideas for Teachers!

Chances are your child’s teacher has been spending all summer preparing for a new school year. Teachers give so much of their time and money on preparing for a new year, new students, and a fresh classroom. Why not show your appreciation for all of his or her efforts with some fun back to school gifts? You don’t have to be super creative or crafty, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to show your child’s teacher that they are #1 in your book. Take a look below at these quick 7 diy back to school gifts ideas for teachers that you can try this year. Your child’s teacher is sure to feel special!

Goldfish crackers
Give your new teacher a box of Goldfish crackers or put a basket together of small assorted flavored cartons and include a note that reads, “I am glad I am o-fish-ally in your school!” Have your child sign her name and presto, you have a great gift that is fun to eat and sure to make her “smile back.”

A fun fruit basket
Give teacher a basket of fruit with notes such as “I am bananas for you, **insert your teachers name here** .” Or “We make the perfect learning pear.” Tie the notes onto the fruit and your child will be the “apple of teacher’s eye.” Your teacher will not only love this but will love having an extra healthy snack on hand.

A fancy new ruler
Find a fun and bright ruler and tie a tag onto it that says, “You really measure up, Teacher.” This is a gift that is not only fun, but so practical. Check out your local dollar store for a wide assortment of rulers in all sorts of colors and patterns.

A calculator
Along the same lines as the ruler, you can find an inexpensive calculator at a local retail store and include a note that says, “You really add up, Teacher.” This is another gift that is not only fun but practical. Your child’s teacher is sure to get plenty of use out of it!

A package of glow sticks
This idea is super fun. Give your child’s teacher a package of glow sticks along with a note that says, “You really light up my life, Teacher.” How cute is that? You can also do this idea using light bulbs or if you are really feeling generous, a small lamp, candles, or night light.

A package of pens or pencils
What teacher can’t use extra pens or pencils? Snag a pack of colorful pens or pencils and give them to your child’s teacher along with a note that reads, “You’ve got the write stuff, Teacher.” She is sure to get a chuckle out of it and enjoy having extra pencils on hand.

100 Grand Candy Bar
You can take a 100 Grand candy bar and include the note, “Teacher, you are worth a hundred grand to me!”  At the end of a stressful day, she will love having a tasty chocolate bar to enjoy. You can also do this with Lifesaver candy and tell her she is a “lifesaver” or something along those lines. Be creative, and have fun!

See how easy and inexpensive it is to show your child’s teacher how appreciated they are? Give one of these fun and frugal back to school gifts a try and see how easy it is. You can try one or do one of each and give teacher a gift each day the first week of school. She is sure to get quite a kick out of it and appreciate the kind gesture.

10 Back To School DIY Projects

Looking for a great teacher gift or DIY project to help your kids go back to school? Check out these 10 Back to School DIY Projects!

10 Back To School DIY Projects


Back to school doesn’t have to be a boring, hair pulling, kicking and screaming time. It can be fun and helpful too! Whether you’re looking for a cool teacher gift to welcome the new year or something that will help your kiddlet make it through the year, these 10 Back to School DIY Projects are sure to fit! Take a look and let me know what you think!




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Thankful Tumblers Teacher Gift via Mission to Save


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Baco to School Crayon Vase Teacher Gift via A Little Claireification


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Easy DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf!

Don't throw that old tee in the trash! Use it to make a cute Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf! Quick, easy and super cute!



Easy DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf


I love upcycling things that would otherwise end up in the landfill, don’t you? Not only does it help put less junk in the city dump, but its a GREAT way to save a few bucks! One of my favorite upcycle projects are to use t-shirts for something once they’re past their wearing prime! Yeah, we could use them for cleaning rags, but really, who wants to cut up their favorite shirt and banish it to the mop bucket? I sure don’t! I would much rather turn it into something that I still love and can still enjoy! The upcycled t-shirt scarves are so easy to make too!


You Will Need:






Lay the shirt flat and using your paper plate as a template, trace as many circles as you can on to the shirt, avoiding any seams in the shirt. For a size Large shirt I was able to get 6 circles traced out.



Cut out each circle, starting on the edge of each circle cut a spiral out of each circle, keeping a 1 – 2 inch width.


Take each strip and pull them gently so that the edges will curl.


Take 2 strips and using the fabric glue, glue the ends together.  Repeat this with each strip.



Allow glue to dry completely. The seams will be hidden in the back of the scarf, but you can always take a small scrap piece of fabric and wrap it around the seams and glue to hide them. If you’re using any kind of embellishment, wait for the seams to dry and then add your bling or sparkles.  Once its fully dry, you’ll have an awesome upcycled t-shirt scarf!


Don't throw that old tee in the trash! Use it to make a cute Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf! Quick, easy and super cute!



Simple No Touch Silver Cleaning – How to Clean Your Silver with Simple Household Items!



Silver can be a pain to get clean and silver polishes are so expensive! Check out this simple no touch silver cleaning method to save both time and money to make your pieces look fantastic again!

Simple No Touch Silver Cleaning – How to Clean Your Silver with Simple Household Items!


So I love silver. I love how it looks sitting in my kitchen curio, but yes, I’m cheap so I refuse to ever pay for it new. As a result, I end up with a lot of silver pieces that are tarnished and worn by the years and in dire need of help.

Like this goblet for instance:

goblet before


I picked it up at a yard sale a few weeks back for $2.00. $2.00! I wasn’t about to let that kind of deal pass me by, even if the goblet is just silverplate. I don’t care about the plating, I just wanted the ooooh shiney in my curio that I knew laid under the years of neglect that this bad boy had seen! So I picked it up and off we went.  I had a small serving dish that I had been waiting to clean too so it was the perfect time to get it done!  Here’s my thing though…I do NOT like paying for silver polish and I do NOT have the time to sit and polish each piece one by one. I certainly don’t have the time to scrub with lemon juice or whatever to remove years of tarnish.

That’s why I LOVE doing it this way! This method works for all silver, including jewelry and coins (although any coin collector should tell you NOT to clean your coins b/c it diminishes their value) and yes, you can do silverplated items, BUT…if you’re going to do silverplate, be aware that you may actually end up damaging it if there are any cracks in the plating. Water and gunk can get up under the plating and cause structural weakness in the item.


You will need:

  • A container large enough to hold what you’re cleaning and water
  • Baking soda
  • Aluminum foil
  • Steaming hot water – enough to fill your container and cover whatever it is you’re cleaning. (I fill THIS stockpot with water and use it…gotta love my chili pot…lol.)


To start, line your container with the foil. Be sure that there isn’t any part of the silver that will not be touching foil. Place the silver that you’re cleaning into the container and make sure of 2 things. First, your silver needs to be touching the foil. Second, any silver pieces need to be touching each other. Silver touching metal foil touching silver helps to conduct the special voodoo magic that cleans the silver for you… :D (okay, not voodoo but it does help to conduct the “charge” a bit better).


Heat the water up until it’s just below boiling. Once it’s got a good heat on it and is steaming hot, pour the water into your container making sure that you add enough to cover your silver. After your done with the water, be sure to check that the silver is still touching the other pieces in case it got moved off by the water.


Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda per half gallon of water. I usually add a bit more just to be on the safe side.


Let the silver sit in the baking soda/water mixture for an hour or so. After a few minutes, you will start to be able to see that it is working. In this pic, I only filled it half way so that I could show you guys how easy it is to see that the tarnish is coming off.







My goblet after 1 treatment



If you have a super tarnished item, like the goblet was, you may have to re-do the process more than once. This bad boy actually took 3 times to get it all off of the outsideIf you do have to re-do the process, just use the same foil, dump the old water mixture and re-heat fresh with new baking soda. I’ve never had to change out the foil.
Speaking of foil? Ewwww….once you’re done? Throw it away. I know that some people reuse foil, but this is NOT the time to do that.



Ewwww….tarnish yuckies on the foil!


A couple of things…I leave mine in the solution until the water cools. Be aware, the silver pieces will get VERY hot. Use tongs when you first pull them out.  Once the tarnish is removed though, pull your silver out of the water and immediately dry thoroughly. Seriously. Dry it until you can’t anymore. If you leave ANY water spots on it at all, you’ll have tarnish again. Once they’re dry, put them away, wear it if it’s jewelry or whatever!


Pretty in my curio! Don’t mind the curio…that’s another DIY project for another day… :)

Simple Spring Button Bouquet Craft – Kid Friendly, Cheap, Easy and Adorable!

This Simple Spring Button Bouquet Craft is kid friendly, budget friendly and easy to make! Make up a few to brighten up your home for less!


Simple Spring Button Bouquet Craft – Cheap, Easy and Adorable!

If you adore buttons, this craft has your name on it! I know it is called the Simple Spring Button Bouquet, but really, its perfect anytime of the year! Perfect for your home décor needs, a gift, or even for use in a wedding, this beautiful button bouquet is simple to make and makes quite a statement. It’s so easy to make too! Get the kids involved and you’ve got a perfect weekend craft idea!  The supplies you’ll need for this are easy to find and not too expensive either. We found them all at our local craft store. The great thing about this is that you can really personalize it and make it your own by using different colors and shapes of buttons!

You will need:

  • Assorted buttons. Look for various sizes and colors.
  • Florist wire in varying thickness.
  • Scissors
  • Silk greenery

Stacking your buttons in the order that you want them to be stacked in on your bouquet. You should use at least 3-4 buttons per bloom on your bouquet.
Run the florists wire through the hole of the largest button first. Only run it through one hole on the button leaving the other 3 unlaced.
Continue stacking buttons, smallest to biggest threading them through the wire as you go.

This Simple Spring Button Bouquet Craft is kid friendly, budget friendly and easy to make! Make up a few to brighten up your home for less!
Once you’ve got the buttons you want on your bloom stacked, , fold the wire over and run it through the second set of holes in your button. Then, take the wire where it ends and wrap it around itself (see pic above) to create a tie and keep the buttons from coming loose.


Repeat the steps above until your stems are complete then add some color by tying on some silk greenery to the stems.

See how simple it is to create your own button bouquet? Kids will enjoy this craft just as much as adults, so gather your supplies and give this easy DIY a try! It is a great way to brighten up a space for less.

DIY Cereal Box Menu Holder

Buried in clutter? This DIY Cereal Box Menu Holder is a quick, budget friendly answer! It works up in about 15 minutes and looks great when finished!


DIY Cereal Box Menu Holder

Instead of digging in the junk drawer or feeling around on the top of the fridge, create a holder for all those pizza and Chinese food  menus. Not only is this DIY Cereal Box Menu Holder pretty and functional but you can pat yourself on the back for up-cycling! It is a great project for the kids to get involved in and tidies up some of your  kitchen clutter on the cheap! Even better is that you can match any kitchen decor! You can find scrapbook paper in a wide variety of colors and patterns at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or any craft store to suit your tastes. These are also great  for holding mail, bills, kids artwork, school papers, single page recipes or other papers making it a very versatile craft! I have several that I use around our house. We use them in the kitchen, my Emma’s room and my office the most, but they’re seriously a HUGE clutter saver!




You Will Need:



Measure how tall you want holder to be by putting in your largest menu or papers that you will be putting into it and marking  the height slightly smaller than your menu in the back. It may be easier if you have issues cutting, to draw your mark all the way around the box.



Cut the very top portion (i.e. the part you open) completely off of the box.




Now, cut the front of the box off where you made your height mark at.






Cut the sides of the box up at  an angle. You will want it to be even and equal on both sides so it may help to measure.




Cover box in a thick, even coat of glue and press scrapbook paper onto front, starting right at the top cut edge, smoothing  out bubbles as you press flat, then, wrap paper over the bottom, smoothing it as you wrap it around to the  back.



Fold the sides inward, like wrapping paper on a present and fold to the back so your seams don’t show on the front. Dab a bit of glue onto any loose edges to make certain that they are sealed well. At this point, if you want, you can glue a second piece of paper over the back to finish off the entire thing. I chose not to because when they’re hanging, the backs can not be seen so I didn’t see a real point in covering the backs. Back to how to finish this thing!





Glue chalkboard label to front of box and let dry completely.



Fold Washi tape ( I found this Washi tape at the Dollar Tree) over cut edges of box to finish it off.





Cut 2- 4” or longer pieces of magnetic tape.  I buy the kind that has adhesive backing but I don’t feel like it sticks well under any amount of weight, so to be sure that it will hang well, I secure it with a hot glue gun.





Secure the magnet tape onto the back of your box and let dry.



Hang, fill with menus, and enjoy!

Easy DIY Easter Bunny Candy Container – Easy Kid Friendly Easter Craft!

This sweet little DIY Easter Bunny Candy Container is the perfect craft for Easter! Budget pleasing and kid friendly!


DIY Easter Bunny Candy Container

The Easter season is a wonderful time to give sweet treats to the people you love. After all, there are so many wonderful Easter candy choices to pick from! If you are unsure what to give those sweet treats in, why not try making one of these Easter Bunny Candy Containers? These containers are a fun and whimsical way to dress up your treats or other small items. Take a look at how you can make your own!

  • You Will Need:
  • Small canning jar with lid
  • Spray paint
  • Easter embellishment
  • Hot glue and a glue gun

We were able to find all of these items at our local craft store. The jar and bunny were only around $1 each, and we were able to use some leftover paint we had. See what you have on hand first before going out and buying. You may be surprised and what you may have that is usable for this project!

1. Begin by removing the lid and placing it on some old paper. Give it two coats of spray paint with plenty of drying time in between.
2. Once the lid is dry, return it to the jar.
3. Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the underneath of your embellishment item. As you can see we picked a pretty and simple fuzzy bunny.
4. Press the item to the lid of the jar. Hold it in place until the glue is dry and secure.

Once the paint and glue are dry, remove the lid and fill the jar with treats of your choice. Return the lid and your jar is now ready for gift giving.

See how simple yet sweet this Easter craft is? Give it a try and see how quickly it gets you into the spirit of the season!

DIY Upcycled No Sew Heat Pack!

This DIY Upcycled No Sew Heat Pack is a great gift idea! It's perfect for laboring Mom's, summer sports injuries and more!

DIY Upcycled No Sew Heat Pack


Ever had a stiff neck? How about a migraine or mild back pain? If so, you’ll probably agree that heat can really be your friend when those things are happening. Aside from that? Sometimes they’re just really great to help you relax! Add a heat pack, some DIY bath salts, a few candles and a hot bath? You’ve got an insta-spa environment for pennies on the dollar! The best thing about a heat pack though is how easy they are to put together! You can use any old tee shirt, towel or really any fabric that is able to be microwaved. Rice is easiest to use in your pack because it holds heat really well and it tends to be easier to fill, but you can use sea salt, Epsom salts or even flat stones (but I can’t imagine that stones would be comfortable to use). You could even add a few drops of essential oils to the salts to really create a spa experience!  Interested? Read on for how to make your own DIY Upcycled No Sew Heat Pack.

You will need:

  • a 6″x6″ square of the fabric of your choice. Stay away from acetates, polyester and any other synthetic fabrics as they may melt when microwaved.
  • a 12” x 1” strip of the ribbon color or design of your choice
  • Hair tie with no metal or rubber band
  • 1 Cup or rice, epsom salt, sea salt or whatever you’re filling your no sew heat pack with



  • On a firm surface, place your fabric “face” down and fill with the 1 cup of rice or whatever you’re using for your filling.
  • Draw up the 4 corners of your fabric so that they all meet in the center. In other words, you’re going to make a “bag” of sorts.
  • Bring up the sides to meet the 4 corners so that there are no open ends that would allow your filling to leak out.
  • Using the hair tie or rubber band, secure all ends together then use the ribbon to cover the hair tie for a pretty look.


To heat, place it on a microwave safe dish and zap for 30-45 seconds.  If you want a moist heat, bring a bowl of water to a boil in the microwave before you heat the pack, then remove the water and heat like normal. Always be sure that you test how hot the pack actually is before you apply it to your skin to prevent burns and never walk away when it is warming up. It could go splodey and splodey is never a good thing. :)

Simple Spring Embroidery Hoop Craft – Pretty and Fun!

This simple spring embroidery hoop craft is the perfect way to welcome spring! It's easy on your budget, easy to make and looks great in any room!


Simple Spring Embroidery Hoop Craft – Pretty and Fun!


I absolutely love spring. The warm breezes, the birds singing, bonfires on a Saturday night with friends and just the sense of new that it brings with it every year. Things can just seem so dark and dreary during the winter, can’t they? No matter now because spring is officially here (even if Mother Nature doesn’t realize it)! Welcome her in all of her warm and beautiful glory with this very easy to make craft! This simple spring embroidered hoop craft is easy to make and it looks really great on the wall! Make one or two and use them to decorate the hallway or use them in a girl’s room. This is so simple that the kids could actually help you make them! They’ll look adorable and you’ll be able to take pride in the fact that you made them yourself. :)


You Will Need:



To begin, cut a small square of the felt (or other material) that you chose for the material. You’ll want it to be large enough to completely cover your hoop.


Next, take the embroidery hoop apart and place the felt between the two pieces then press the hoop back together. The felt should be pulled nice and tight now.


Trim off any excess material from the edge of the hoop so that you have a nice and clean look. If there is material hanging over, your final project will look sloppy so be sure to trim it well. :)


Grab your stickers or embellishment and apply a generous amount of craft glue to the back. Don’t skimp on the glue but be sure you don’t use so much that it seeps out the sides. Press the sticker onto the felt until it’s secure enough not to fall off then set aside and let dry completely.


Usually there is only room for one shape on the hoop but if you use a larger sized hoop, you may be able to get more than one in there. Just be sure that the two shapes don’t clash with each other and that it doesn’t look too busy. Once it’s fully dry, hang on the wall just like you would any other photo!

No Sew “Bunny Food” Porch Decor for Easter!

This quick and easy No Sew "Bunny Food" porch decor DIY looks adorable on any porch and will give you home a cute and whimsical look for Easter!

No Sew “Bunny Food” Porch Decor for Easter!


I have to admit. I love Easter and spring time in general! It’s just such an upbeat time of year! The weather is usually nice, the crafts are pretty and soft and the food that people make? Oh my goodness! Easter dinner is one of my favorite family dinners and no, it isn’t because of the candy…lol. I just love getting the family together with fresh, tasty foods that can not only heal the soul but heal a family as well. When I first saw the idea for this Bunny Food Porch Decor DIY for Easter, I just knew that I had to post it for you all! It’s so simple to make and it can really bring a fun and..dare I say, whimiscal look to your front porch! Give it a shot making it and I think you’ll agree!


You Will Need: 

  •  1 yard of orange fabric for the carrot. (I scored this in a remnants bin for just a couple dollars, so be sure to check your local hobby stores!)
  • 6-7 dozen plastic Easter eggs
  • 1 Tomato Cone (or plant support cage)
  • 2 Garden stakes
  • Green Flower Support Foams
  • Binding tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Long weeds/ river oats etc. used to paint green for the top  (You can just use long grass from your yard if you can’t find anything else)
  • 1 Can green spray paint
  • Paper to stuff in the carrot (Old Newspapers will work fine)
  • Brown Paper Grocery Bags


Collect your river oats or very long weeds. You’ll want them long because these will be the top of your carrot!


Starting with the river oats (or whatever you have in your own yard), bind the stems with a rubber band about 4 inches up from the bottom.


Paint them green with green spray paint on all sides. Obviously it’s best to do this outside…lol. Set them aside and let them dry.

While the river oats are drying, grab your tomato cone and place your garden stake between the three points at the top and using the binding tape, tape it together tightly. No really, go wild with the tape. You won’t see it when the project is finished and you’ll need it to be secured very well so like I said…go wild!


Lay your orange fabric down on the floor, lay the plant support approximately 10 inches from the top of the fabric  and start wrapping the fabric at the top (wide part) of the carrot. Pull it taut and place hot glue to hold it together.  Continue to do this all the way down the carrot and then cut off any excess. Once you are finished gluing, you should have a nicely bound carrot with about 10 inches of extra fabric at the top. Now, take the balled up newspaper and stuff your carrot. Be sure you add enough to really fill the carrot up. Otherwise you could have a flimsy carrot and who really wants a flimsy carrot?! Next, place your green painted river oats down into the paper until they stand up straight. You can add more paper for support if you need but if you really filled it up like I suggested, you shouldn’t need to. :)

I have no pic of this step b/c well…I forgot. *insert sheepish grin here* 

Paint a little sign that says “Bunny Food” on a piece of card board or poster board using acrylic paint and puff paint and allow to dry. Tap it onto your garden stake and set aside for a few.


To make the stand, place a couple green flower foams in the bottom of a 3-5 gallon bucket. Then, using about a yard and half of sheer fabric, sit the bucket in the middle of the fabric and add 6-7 dozen (yes, I said dozen) of the plastic easter eggs around the bucket until the bucket itself is well hidden.


It’s time to attach the carrot! Place your carrot stake into the green flower foam and wrap it pretty well with brown grocery bags. This will give your carrot some extra support and again, keep it from being flimsy. We talked about flimsy carrots earlier. ;) Now, fill the bucket with more balled up paper to give it a tiny bit more weight to it.


Pull the sheer fabric so taut that the eggs “crawl” up the sides and cover the outside of the bucket. Safety pin the fabric in place so it isn’t all slidely and then cover the entire top with Easter grass to cover it and add a few more plastic Easter eggs to give a splash of color there if you’d like.


That’s it! You’re done! Easy peasy and so very, very cute!