Earn Paypal and Gift Cards + Test New Products With My HotSpex!

This week I want to let you know about My HotSpex Survey Panel! This one is really awesome because if you don’t want to use all of your earnings for yourself you can actually donate them to charity! We are really big on donating int he House of AIC so that’s a huge factor for me and one of the things that I love about HotSpex.

HotSpex Surveys

With My HotSpex, you’ll have the chance not only to earn paypal and gift cards, but also to win great prizes and cash! Those extra prizes (if you’re lucky enough to win) can really make or break a holiday season. You’ll also be given the chance to test new products before they even hit the market!! That’s epic!

Sign up for My HotSpex and be sure to confirm your email. You won’t receive survey or product testing invites if you don’t.

My HotSpex Survey Panel

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  1. Thanks, that’s a new one I hadn’t heard about yet! Free Christmas is like a present for me!

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