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Free Christmas

It’s that time of the week again where I remind you that Christmas is only a bit over 4 months away. Yes, I know. It’s 4 months, but start now and you can do Christmas for FREE! Yes. Christmas. Totally free.

How you ask?

With different reward programs.

In 2011, I used several different rewards programs to “purchase” over $500.00 worth of items for my daughter, mother and more for Christmas for free.  Each week, now through Christmas, I will bring you a different program that you can use to do it too!

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This week I want to be sure you know about MySurvey! Sign up to take surveys, review FREE products and more. You’ll earn reward points that you can trade in for cash or gift cards! This can go a LONG way toward making sure you have a cash free Christmas! Be sure that when you sign up, you confirm your email address and fill out your profile 100%. A lot of times when people sign up for survey sites, they forget to do one (or both) of these things and it can result in them not getting any survey invites!

This one is a great one to join so don’t miss out! Sign up for MySurvey and have a Free Christmas!

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