Frugal Fitness | Get Fit on the Cheap!



 Frugal Fitness | Get Fit On the Cheap

Just because it’s almost August doesn’t mean that you still can’t get that smokin hot beach body! I’m sure that all of us want to be in shape, but I know that none of us want to spend out a ton of bucks to do it. Fortunately for our wallets, we don’t have to. There are more than a few ways that you can help yourself get fit on the cheap:


Sign up for a free gym guest pass. 24 Hour Fitness, Bally, the YMCA all offer 1 week guest passes. That’s 3  weeks of gym membership for free! Think about the savings. That could be hundreds of dollars back in your pocket right there.
Request your 24 Hour Fitness Guest Pass

Request your Bally’s Guest Pass

To request your YMCA Guest Pass, visit your local YMCA. Most YMCA’s also offer scholarship programs if you’re low income. These programs provide free or deeply discounted memberships to those that otherwise couldn’t afford it. To find a local YMCA near you, visit their website.


Another simple way to cut cost on fitness is  to use what’s around your home. Have a few soup cans? Use them as small weights. Have an old clothes line? Add some fishing sinkers to the ends of it and use it as a jump rope. Old tires in the garage can be laid on the ground and used to strengthen your legs. That kitchen chair can become a stabilizing bar for squats. Get creative!


A very easy (and favorite) of mine, doesn’t cost me a dime. Wanna hear it?



Get outside! Take your kids to the park, go play tag in the back anything physical with them. Not only is it a 100% free way to get some fitness in, but you get to spend quality time with your kids!

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