July Pantry Challenge Update #1

Pantry Challenge



So I wanted to do a quick update on my July pantry challenge.  My goal for this month was to try and eat from what we had and to not spend over $50.00 total for groceries. So far, we’re right on track. I’m about to cook my whole chicken that I will be getting 4 meals plus lots of stock from. Do you guys know how to do that? If not, be sure to comment and let me know so that I can document it and show you! It’s great and such a money saver!


Anyhow, I did do a grocery run mid-week to HEB. Now I’m really new to shopping HEB but I’m loving it! I was able to save 57% on REAL food! I know that a lot of people think that couponing can only net you junk food but no way! This was honest to goodness healthy food that included milk! If you’re a new couponer, 57% might not seem like a lot to you, but trust me..on food alone? It’s HUGE.  You can almost always save 70%+ on non-food items, but groceries are hard to save on.


So we’re 1 week or so into the challenge and we’re on track!


Week 1: Trip to HEB –

$56.49 before coupons
$32.53 saved

Total Spent out of Grocery Budget – $23.96

Total Remaining –  $26.04


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  1. Kara Smith says:

    Would love you to send me a scenario of cooking a whole chicken and then getting 3 meals from it plus stock. Please email me how u are managing this as I am getting ready to cook a whole chicken in about 2 hours. :) T.I.A. Love your blog by the way. :D

  2. Would love that :)

  3. I have used coupons for years but can’t seem to get that much savings on food alone. Would love to know how you do it. Right now I average $100 a week, give or take, and that includes snacks and what not. Sometimes I can barely save 30% on a one week trip, if even that much. We are a family of 3, but I swear my 5 year old eats like a teenage boy. He loves fruits and veggies and my husband is on a somewhat health kick right now, trying to get back down to what he was when we first met 1.5 years ago. We also have a dog and 2 cats who we feed Blue Buffalo, and I rarely get a deal on that stuff. We also have to buy plenty of cat litter and I do find good deals on that, but sometimes not often enough. I get One Sunday paper each week, but it’s hard to clip everything and fit it into my small coupon organizer. I try to clip only the coupons I know I will use, but at times I find deals on Items of a different manufacturer that we just haven’t tried yet and I didn’t clip the coupon so I end up spending more money since didn’t clip for that brand. I do most of my shopping at Vons, as it is difficult for me to run around from store to store being that I am disabled and I tire very easily. I occassionally shop at Food 4 Less. We also have Sprouts, Albertsons, Walmart, Target, and Smart & Final near by. I know you have tons of fans and probably can not address me personally, but any help/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, for all the help you get out there to all of us. I know you have a family of your own and your time is precious. You are genuinely appreciated. <3 ;0)

  4. Yup. Just give me time to be certain that all of the recipes will work with 1 chicken. :)

  5. LOL I sure will. As soon as the chicken gets done with the first batch, I’ll snap some pics and get a post up. :)

  6. How about I post them here on the blog for you then? ;)

  7. Im an avid HEB shopper would LOVVVVEEE to see some scenarios from there. I just can’t catch on to the whole couponing thing for some reason. So since you are saving 57% (which is GREAT in my book) it would be awesome if you could email me maybe and give me a few tips :D LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and facebook page, I look a few times each day to see whats going on :D

  8. christie spaeth says:

    can you tell me how you are getting that many meals out of a whole chicken I am trying to cut back on meat in my home and still stay full

  9. Chrystal S says:

    Wow I don’t know how to make stock please share!! I like to make most of my stuff at home and would love to add this to my stock of items! I know about saving money on real food with Q’s (been couponing 2 years this month!) and I think 57% is awesome! Every little bit counts to me :) Anyway please share the stock recipe! I know I can’t be the only person that would be excited about it!

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