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Hi! Here at Adventures in Coupons, we are very public relations friendly! We would love to work with you on whatever your needs are! No matter what you’re looking for; from product reviews, giveaways , and sponsored posts to advertising and interviews;  we believe that AIC has a lot to offer ever company whether they’re big or small.

A Bit About Us:

Adventures in Coupons was started in April of 2011 with a desire to show others that living a quality life does not have to be expensive. From the first reader to the very last, it will always be our goal to bring our readers the best deals, products and content available to help them stretch their budget.  We strive to provide a wide array of offerings for our readers so that we can meet the needs of everyone. Our readers love to learn how to live a frugal lifestyle, new DIY projects, a frugal recipe or two and of course, they all love a great deal. We do our best to post only the best content for them so they are able to return time after time and know that they will always find something new and exciting.


Social Stats:

  • Facebook Fans: 46,782
  • Twitter Followers: 12,409
  • G+ Followers: 2,421
  • RSS and Email Subscribers: 4007
  • Pinterest Followers: 2426

As you can see, AIC has the reach that you need to get the word out about your product or service! We have worked with several large and several small companies in the past with great results! You can view a sampling of those relationships below under the “sponsored post” section.


A bit about us:

No matter what the target age group or gender for your product or service, we can cover it! Adventures in Coupons main “house” is made up of Stacy, a 31 year old mom and owner of the site;  Thomas, her 30 year old husband and Emma, their 9 year old daughter. It doesn’t stop there though! In addition to the main team, we also have a team of people just standing by waiting to help you out that includes:

  • 18 month old girl
  • 4 year old girl
  • 5 year old boy
  • 29 year old woman (currently pregnant: due date Oct, 2014)
  • 40 year old man
  • 42 year old woman
  • 55 year old woman
  • 59 year old man
  • cats and dogs too!


What we can offer you:

Advertising on Adventures in Coupons:

Looking to simply advertise with a banner, image or text link? If so, we can help!  We have several different options and spaces available at any given time that are perfect for your needs! Your costs are dependent on how you want to advertise and the length of your contract.

Sponsored Posts: 

Would you like us to write a post for your business? We can do that! Each post is shared with our network of bloggers so that you receive the maximum exposure possible! Again, costs will depend on the length of the post and other factors. This is by far, the absolute best advertising option for your company in our opinion. While it can be more expensive, it also gets you and your company the best exposure. Each post is shared across multiple social networks, including being pinned to group pinterest boards if the post is applicable to specific boards. Some of the group pinterest boards that we belong to boast thousands of followers, really increasing the reach your post gets!

No company is too big or too small for us! In the past we have worked with companies such as:

and so many more!  One other thing to be aware of is that per Google’s rules, any links included in a sponsored post will be set to “no follow” since they are a paid link. This is not negotiable and we will not work with companies that request otherwise because we believe that it shows bad business practices.


Social Media Shout outs: 

Not looking for a long campaign or post? Then a social media shout out is perfect for you! We will post on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and G+) about your business! We’ll even tag you if you’d like! (Tag is not necessary and is only done at client’s request.)

Solo Email Drops:

This is another fantastic option for those not looking for a long, drawn out campaign but want something a bit more substantial than a social media shout out. Advertise your business with a solo email drop to our entire mailing list. Please note that this option DOES require a suppression list to be provided before the drop can take place.

Product Reviews:

We love reviewing new products! It gives us the chance to to try (and recommend!) new products to our readers! Reviews are done for free, however, a full size product (no samples please) is required in order to complete the review. Product(s) will not be returned after the review. Reviews are posted, with photos and links to your website, typically within 2 weeks of an AIC team member receiving it, unless the item requires longer to fully test. Please also be aware that reviews posted are 100% honest and our true opinion on the products we’re testing no matter if that opinion is good or bad.  One other thing to be aware of is that per Google’s rules, any links included in a sponsored post will be set to “no follow” since they are a paid link. This is not negotiable and we will not work with companies that request otherwise because we believe that it shows bad business practices.

Personal Appearances and Interviews:

Would you like to speak directly to Stacy or have her appear at your event? She can do that! Rates are based on the length of the event or interview and her costs involved.


We would love to work with you on whatever product or project you currently have a need for. We have established very reasonable rates for the services that we can provide you and look forward to hearing from you. If advertising on Adventures in Coupons sounds like something you would be interested in, shoot an email to stacy @ adventures in coupons dot com or use the contact form below!


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