Military Shopping Guide (A Primer)

1. Acronyms:
AAFES – Army & Air Force Exchange Service (PX/BX).
PX/BX – Post Exchange or Base Exchange. Post Exchange refers to Army. Base Exchange refers to Air Force.
NEX – Navy Exchange1) Be sure to take your reusable totes with you to the Exchanges! They will give you 5 cents for each bag you use (they will deduct it from your total). Excludes the Commissary.

2) All of the Exchanges will price match a local competitor’s price (given it falls within their guidelines). Simply bring in the current, local competitor’s ad for the identical item and they will match the price. They also honor verbal challenges – Just tell them that you saw an identical item at a lower price in a local competitor’s store and they will match a difference up to $10 on the spot. A greater price difference requires model and price verification by a supervisor. Excludes the Commissary. You can also price match between Exchanges (read more here and here).

3) You can price match and use coupons at the Exchanges. Excludes the Commissary.

4) The Exchanges worldwide have a 14-Day Price Guarantee on any item originally purchased from the Exchange and subsequently sold at a lower price by the Exchange, or any local competitor. Simply bring in your receipt and take it to the Customer Service desk. Excludes the Commissary.

5) Printable AAFES/Exchange Store coupons can be used at other Exchanges.

6) You can view the weekly sales ads for the AAFES Exchange here and the Navy Exchange here.

7) You can stack one manufacturer coupon with one Exchange or NEX Store coupon to maximize your savings! But you are notallowed to stack coupons at the Commissary.

8) There is no sales tax when you shop at the Exchanges! That means purchase your big ticket items there (that’s where we bought our last two Mac’s). There’s also no sales tax at the Commissary, however, there is a 5% surcharge added to your bill. The surcharge covers the costs of building new commissaries and renovating existing ones.

9) You can read about the coupon policies online for the Commissary (here) and the Exchanges (AAFES – click here and NEX –click here)

10) There is a huge coupon database for Military Store Coupons HERE – be sure to check this often before you go shopping!

You may also be happy to know that all these stores are also on Facebook! Click on the links below to become a fan:

    1. Commissary
    2. AAFES Exchange
    3. Navy Exchange

Thanks to militarywivessaving for this info.

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