Navigating New Designs!

So by now I’m sure that you’ve all seen that has a new design. Where it was once very easy to change the zip code, now it’s rather hard and almost seems impossible. BUT. It’s not impossible and in fact is rather easy. You just have to know where to click . ;)


Navigating the new - Step 1


Now, when you land on the landing page you need to click “local coupons” like shown in the photo above.


Navigating - Step 2


Once you’re on the local coupons page, look up in the upper left corner like shown above. There it is! Our favorite little zip code box!┬áType in your zip code and hit your enter key.



Navigating - Step 3


Once the page refreshes, hit “coupons” on the left bar as shown in the circled area above.


That’s it! You now have zip specific coupons just like before!


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