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This is my Butt Bench. There are many like it but this one is mine. :D


Recently, I was having a conversation with another blogger and I had mentioned how my RA was acting up and that I was dreading going to stand in the shower. That when the words “You need a Butt Bench” came across my Facebook chat. Now I admit, my first response was “noooo, not quite there yet.” She then went onto inform me exactly what a Butt Bench is.


The Butt Bench attaches to the wall of your shower with suction cups so there’s no damage to the wall!


Butt Bench is a wood bench that sits across the top of your tub and is made from high quality natural wood. It works so great because the tub is what supports your weight! It attaches to the shower wall with suction cups. There’s no chance of damaging your shower interior! The suction cups are thick and strong too so no fighting with them to get them to stay!


While the bench is great for seniors (or people like myself with RA), it’s also great for kids and healthy adults too! Use it to store your toiletry items (like shown), use it to keep the kids’ toy’s up off of the bottom of the tub (like shown), use it to sit down and shave your legs…there are so many situations where it could be used!



Last week, my Tom had a bout with strep throat and a bad sinus infection all at once (poor guy). One of the things that helped relieve some of his symptoms was sitting in the tub, shower running as hot as he could, soaking up the steam. The Butt Bench made it possible for him to do this without having to sit down in the tub. Because he didn’t have to sit down in the tub itself and was able to sit up out of the water on the Butt Bench, he was able to run the water hotter, providing more steam for him to breathe in.


So what do *I* think about the Butt Bench? I love it! Today, my RA took hold of my body in a way that it hasn’t in years. (Read my post about it HERE). While I did have to have help getting into the tub, the Butt Bench saved me from having to work my way in and out of the tub. I was able to sit above the tub, on the bench, and bathe like I normally would. Because of that bench.
On days when my RA isn’t bothering me, it’s still great! I’m genuinely in love with the product!


So what’s left? Oh yeah! Want to win a Butt Bench of your own? You can! Butt Bench has agreed to provide one (1) winner with a 12 inch Butt Bench in their choice of pink or white! Use the Rafflecopter unit below to enter!



a Rafflecopter giveaway




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  1. To shave! would be a big help!

  2. April Cline says:

    This looks like it would be handy to have. Love it.

  3. Sharayah C says:

    I would use it to help with shaving my legs and also a place to set my sons toys. We have a very small bathroom/tub with minimal storage space so this would be great! Thanks. :)

  4. Hadlee Goldberg says:

    My spouse and I would use it for our shower especially when aches and pains act up

  5. Jennifer Pruneda says:

    To sit and shave I am always missing places when I am standing.

  6. Colleen Fuller says:

    To sit and shave! Thank you so much! Mattandcolleen Fuller on FB

  7. Would help me from slipping while shaving my legs

  8. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says:

    I have fibromyalgia & it is hard for me to shave my legs & stand in the sower for long.

  9. Ana Martinez says:

    So many possibilities with the bench, but first thought was to shave my legs! 😀 and also of course with the kids and to help when I have twisted ankles (which I get often-clumsy me lol).

  10. Shelbie Johnston says:

    Would love to have this so I can sit and shave and buff my feet :)

  11. Norma Neal says:

    I would use it to shave my legs. It would be more comfortable.

  12. Kate VanGelderen says:

    I have a daughter with JIA and this would be fantastic for her!

  13. Melissa Moreno says:

    To shave my legs

  14. Alexandra L. says:

    Help my great aunt who is not strong enough to stand in the shower anymore.

  15. cristin Miller says:

    I would use this for my great grandfather he is 83 and this would be great for him!

  16. I would love one of these. I have difficulty showering due to my disease Scleroderma. Scleroderma hardens not only the skin but the inside as well. Organs and connective tissue get so tight I can’t bend to shave my legs.
    Thank you for considering me.

  17. Erica Mitchell says:

    I would give it to my dad who has MS and isnt able to stand in the shower for long periods of time, this would make it so much eaiser for him rather than using the foot stool to sit on!

  18. Elizabeth B says:

    I would use it for my self because i have nerve damage in my legs and cant stand too long in the shower and cant get down in to the bath

  19. Lois Jones says:

    I would use it to help me when I get dizzy (had a stroke) and to help me shave my legs.

  20. Elaine Scotton says:

    would love to sit my Butt down and shave my legs without feeling like i’m going to topple over 😉

  21. Melissa says:

    To shave my legs! :) and to help with my fibromyalgia

  22. sharon winne says:

    to sit and shave my legs! that would be nice!

  23. Synthia Hernandez says:

    I would use my butt bench to shave my legs and I have to admit the first thought that came in my head was I usualky relax in the shower after a long day kids runing and its the only time I have for myself and relax and this would be perfect. Thanks for the chance!!

  24. For shaving of course :)

  25. jennifer wexler says:

    i would use it for shaving

  26. Gina Garnett says:

    I have horrible arthritis in my knees and hips and could really use this for just bathing in general :))

  27. Shelley Drady Enright says:

    To shave my legs! :)

  28. Candice Arias says:

    For shaving my legs for sure!!!

  29. amy linderman says:

    use it for my mom who has Parkinsons

  30. I’d use it for shaving my legs :)

  31. Stephanie Guenther says:

    sitting with my son while he takes his baths

  32. I would love the butt bench to shave my legs. It would save so much time in the shower.

  33. Laura Salter says:

    Great idea!

  34. Laura Salter says:

    Nice idea! I would use it for putting stuff on and to take a load off after a hard day! It would be great to sit and take in the steam in the shower for my sinus problems!

  35. Celeste M. says:

    I have RA too so this would help out when my hip acts up.

  36. Shannon Coward says:

    I would put it in my daughter’s shower :)

  37. tamma Borzotra says:

    I have that dang Sciatic nerve damage in my left leg, I’d use it to sit on to wash and shave my legs instead of hanging on to the rail!

  38. I’d use it to shave my legs and to save my back when my MS flares up

  39. I’d use it to put shampoo & body wash on and to make it easier to wash my children instead of having to bend over and hurt my back more in the process.

  40. Lisa Tompkins says:

    I would use it to sit to shave my legs :)

  41. Sara DiPerri says:

    My mom has MS and this would be SUCH a useful aid to her.

  42. T Erickson says:

    We are getting ready to move and our new place has a stand alone shower…this would be perfect!

  43. AuVergne Maynard says:

    This would be very helpful with my bad back.

  44. Jenn Park says:

    I would use it for shaving my legs, putting the kids bath toys on and definitely for my husband who works hard and is on his feet all day at work. Thank you for the chance!

  45. liberty boblett says:

    I really like this idea! I think it would be great for my Mom. She has had both knees replaced and she could use it to shave her legs, or just sit in the shower. I would love one for my house also! I think everyone in my family would use it!

  46. carla brashers says:

    my grandmother, and i would love it! :)

  47. Hope Holland says:

    I’d use it for shaving and giving the Dogs a bath

  48. Karen Hand says:

    This bench would definitely come in handy when shaving my legs, but it is also good for persons with health problems.

  49. Vesta Mason says:

    I have spinal stenosis and this would keep me from having to use a shower chair!
    Thanks SO much for the giveaway!

  50. AndreaH says:

    This would definitely come in handy for when my knee is acting up. I could also use it for shaving my legs.

  51. I would use it when shaving my legs!!

  52. Julie O'Brien says:

    the shower

  53. charity wilcoxen says:

    I would use it for myself because I have a bad knee

  54. Christina Mauer says:

    For my husband with periphreal neuropathy

  55. i would use it when i give my lil one a bath….

  56. Polly Bourke Farrar says:

    Shaving my legs

  57. i would use it to shave my legs

  58. I am thinking shaving my legs would be so much easier, and I would probably miss less places! HA!

  59. Vanessa D says:

    It would come in handy when shaving or when exfoliating my feet.

  60. Angie Kissel Weightman says:

    I have fibro but I am currently doing chemo for breast cancer. Boy could I use one of these. Are they expensive?

  61. Keisa Rogers says:

    I have a bad back so this would be great for shaving my legs.

  62. Kelly Andrus says:

    I’d use it for sitting down to shave my legs!

  63. Amy Dalton says:

    This is one of the neatest inventions I have seen lately! This would be great for all age groups. I would use it to sit on to shave my legs. It would also come in handy when my back acts out and it hurts to stand to take a shower. Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. Peggy Humbracht says:

    To win this Butt Bench, would be so wonderful I would use itnot only for helping me to do my shaving my legs usong to sit and dry myself and help for me to get out of the tub and shower. I would also be able to sue this bench to put on and take off my winter clothing when going out in the snow and cole. This is a very versatile bench that could be used.

  65. def to shave my legs!!

  66. Sara Hammonds says:

    I have psoriatic arthritis, and yes sometimes I do dread standing in the shower. This would be great for times when I have a flare up!

  67. Crystal Renee says:

    I would use it to help shave my egs. It would really help me with my back!

  68. gerri dumas domicolo says:

    Shaving my legs :)

  69. Michelle W says:

    I would use this butt bench to sit and perform my own pedicures after a bath or shower.

  70. Kristin Sawatzke says:

    This would work great for shaving legs!

  71. Wanda, we rent so we can’t do mods to the apt. Not that I’m ready to admit that I need them yet. That’s why I fell in love with this. It makes my life SO much easier w/out having to do ANY mods.

  72. Wanda L. McLean says:

    I have Psoriatic Arthritis AND Fibromialgia but am not disabled enough to qualify for modifications to my home. This would help out so much with those times when balancing on the side of the tub while butt naked is just no fun!

  73. Betsy Barnes says:

    I would use it to shave my legs, would be easier :)

  74. Cindy Demaree says:

    I would use it for both my senior parents.

  75. Amy L. Norman says:

    I would definitely use this to shave my legs like most of the ladies have mentioned. Plus, it would help while bathing my infant daughter. I might be nice and give it to my mother-in-love who also suffers with RA.

  76. Brandy B says:

    Oh to shave my legs

  77. Victoria R says:

    I would LOVE to have this so my whole family can sit on it or put toys, shampoos or soap on it!

  78. Rebecca Myers says:

    Great idea I could use for our shower, because I have arthritis this would ease the pain of bending over to shave my legs. Great!

  79. I can’t take baths for medical reasons this would be a perfect in between showers are hard too due to a different condition.

  80. mina coupons says:

    my grandparents

  81. stephanie fletcher says:

    I would use it to shave my legs.

  82. Leona Evans says:

    Shaving & to sit on when giving my 2 year old a bath. I have back problems and leaning over is a very hard task for me most of the time. Thanks :)

  83. LeAnn B says:

    I’d use it for shaving my legs.

  84. Anastasia Buff says:

    I would probably use it for shaving. My mom has been wanting something so that she doesn’t have to bend over or put her leg on the wall [lol]. I know she would absolutely Love this! Thanks! =]]

  85. sara m ford says:

    my kids shower its a stand up one only so it would be nice to put that in there for when my 12 year old needs to shave her legs

  86. I’d definitely use the butt bench to shave my legs!! lol I hate standing up to shave them! (I guess i’m lazy)
    either that, or to put all my stuff on, shampoos, conditioners, and body washes!

  87. Jessie Ard Carden says:

    I think the Butt Bench is a great idea. My husband has a bad back & loves to take baths, but difficult for him to get out. This would be great for him to be able to sit when his back spasms. Plus i could sit on it while saving my legs, I can see this as a multi purpose bench! Thank you for the chance.

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