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Family Storehouse Freeze Dried Strawberries

Most of you know that my family and I prepare for whatever emergencies that may come so, freeze dried foods that are tasty and shelf stable are really important to me. So when I had the chance to speak with Family Storehouse and the chance to try their products, I jumped. I had been on the hunt for a good freeze dried supplier and now, after trying their foods, Family Storehouse is it.

I received 1 bucket of freeze dried strawberries that contained 5 (or 6, it has been a while) individual packets of freeze dried strawberries. The individual packets are all nitrogen flushed to provide maximum storage life. Up to 30 years!  The individual pouches are a fantastic idea because there’s no waste! Use what you need or want and leave the rest. There’s no worrying about spoilage here! Some of you may find it silly to buy freeze dried food with such a long shelf life, but keep this in mind: these foods require no refrigeration and no real special storage. In certain weather emergencies, foods such as these could save your life and feed your babies.

I will say this though; the pouches might be good for 30 years but they won’t make it that long. LOL I think ours may have made it a week. I was really excited to try them, so when they arrived, I popped open the bucket and ripped right into a bag. 20 minutes later, I had munched an entire bag by myself! So addictive! I munched that entire bag freeze dried too! Didn’t even bother to re-hydrate them! They’re so tasty!

The rest of the week, we were a bit more controlled but like I said. All of our pouches were gone within 7 days. I can’t tell you enough how good they are! They’re not too sweet and they do have a bit of tart to them, but it was a pretty near perfect balance of sweet and tart. I can see how they would do very well in baking, smoothies or any other recipe that you have that calls for strawberries. I did re-hydrate one pouch before the Monkey Child mauled them. They rehydrated just great! Tasted garden fresh and just as tasty as the freeze dried versions.

All in all? I was very impressed. So impressed that I’m actually thinking of placing an order for the freeze dried apricots right now! I can’t wait to try them too! Plus they’re on sale and marked down over 50% right now! (yay for savings!)

Family Storehouse offers all of your freeze dried food needs. From 400 calorie food bars to entire dinner kits, you’ll find all that you need on their website. I’m so glad that I got to work with them and I’m so very glad that I found another great product! In addition to the freeze dried foods, they also offer a variety of other items to help you prepare for emergencies too (including survival kits for you pets)!

Visit the Family Storehouse website to see their entire selction. Also, be sure to “like” the Family Storehouse Facebook page to stay updated on new products, promotions and more!

Thanks Family Storehouse for the chance! You’ve got a loyal new customer in me!

**Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned in this review for free, however all opinions are 100% mine and are my honest opinion. For more information, please see my disclosure policy**

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