Repurposing: Re-Use an Old Tissue Box to Hold Ziploc Bags



Earlier today,  I was having a conversation with my friend Jamie from over at The Denver Housewife about a sale that she had gotten at her local Safeway. She had found holiday Ziploc baggies on clearance that with a coupon would be just $1.00 per box! We all know that’s a KILLER deal on Ziploc bags so she had the AIC seal of approval to buy some. (hehe). She did say however that the boxes were all crushed..which led to this beauty of an idea.


Why not use an old tissue box to store them in?


So, I thought I’d share the idea with you guys!


How does it work? Like this!


empty tissue box for repurposing


You’re gonna need an empty tissue box.  I promise…no tissues were harmed in the making of this blog post.


Your Ziploc (or in my case, Hefty) bags. Line them up together, one on top of the other.

Then fold them in half, then in half again.

Work them into the box. These were gallon size so they appeared like they were going to be too big but they weren’t. Fit in there just fine.

Once you have them worked into the box, reach in and *poof* one up just like you’d do with a tissue.

Voila! You now have an effective, not crushed (and cuter) way of storing those pesky bags! I imagine this would hold a lot more than the boxes that these things come in too so it would also be a great way to make more space if your storage space is tight!

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  1. Barbara Jones says:

    I love your idea, as I usually struggle getting out the baggies I need in a hurry! I also re-use the empty tissue boxes throughout the house (bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.) in an inconspicuous spot, to hold all the empty plastic grocery bags. This comes in handy for wastebaskets, or anytime a bag is needed!

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