“The Big Daddy” Stockpile Pack – Stock Up on Your Coupons for A Great Price! Plus get a FREE $10.00 Credit!

Sunday Coupon Inserts




$849.79 * 10 sets = 8497.90 in one Big Daddy

(Now More Inserts Added! 12 of every insert  in August other than the 8/5 SS which means a total of 96 inserts instead of only 90)


We all coupon, but some of us COUPON. We’re the ones that need 40 of each coupon we like in order to get the deals we want. We’re the ones that pre-order at our stores (so we don’t clear the shelves) and carry boxes on top of boxes out of the store for pennies on the dollar.


That’s were coupon packs like The “Big Daddy” stockpile pack come in handy. With the “Big Daddy” from Insert Insanity, you’ll receive 10 of EACH coupon insert from the past weeks plus this week’s coupons!! If you order now, you’ll receive


August 5
(10) Smartsource
(10) Red Plum

August 12

(12) Smartsource
(12) Red Plum

August 19

(12) Smartsource
(12) Red Plum

August 26

(12) Smartsource
(12) Red Plum
(12) P & G



That’s a total of 90 coupon inserts! All for the price of $49.99 SHIPPED! You’d spend more than that buying newspapers! You’d have to buy 40 newspapers to get all of these coupons1 At $2.00 each, that would be $80.00!!


To make it even better? When you order a Big Daddy Stockpile pack? You’ll get a $10.00 credit to their sister site Wiz Clipz! That’s 90 coupon inserts plus $10.00 credit for only $49.95!!

Check out what all you get!


Big Daddy Stockpile Pack


Head over to Insert Insanity and grab your Big Daddy before they’re all sold out! If you’re NOT interested in a Big Daddy, you can also choose a 4, 6 or even a 10 pack!!



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