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We all like to save money. I don’t think there’s anyone anywhere that’s denying that. Sometimes though, we get so caught up in the coupon deals and sales that we forget about checking the places we normally wouldn’t. We all know to check thrift stores or garage sales, but what about the internet. Can you really save money buying on the internet? The short answer? Yes. Yes you can.


One of my favorite online places to shop is The discounts that I find there often rival the in store price and I don’t have to leave my home (and spend gas or cab fare) to go to the store. It’s a quick and easily solution for me too for week’s that I don’t have time to actually go shopping. Plus, new members to Alice get 20% off of their first order so it really makes sense to use them for at least one order. Check out some of these deals I’m able to get on Alice:



Charmin Ultra Strong – $16.24 for 24 double rolls

This equals out to .39 per single roll

Now add your 20% off coupon for your first order?

Just $13.00 for 48 single rolls of tp

That’s .27 per roll!

Puffs Tissues – $2.99 per box (almost 1.5ยข per tissue)

Add the 20% off coupon for your first purchase?

.01 per tissue

Another great unlikely source to check are sites like Walmart often runs great sales promotions in combination with some great shipping promitions. Check out these deals that I found with very little trouble today.

Lysol Lemon Breeze Scent All Purpose Cleaner Buy 2 Get 1 Value Pack – Just $3.94

That’s just $1.31 per bottle and they ship free with a $45.00 order of HomeFree items!

Purex Free and Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent, 100 oz – $4.97

That’s just .05 per oz and it ships free with $45.00 in HomeFree items!

Never forget those unlikely sources. You never know where you may find a killer deal, so always be sure to check. Keep that in mind and you’ll jump your savings percentage and fatten your wallet.

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