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We all knew it was coming. Walmart has officially updated the Walmart coupon policy and it is effective now. Changes actually went into effect on Sept 1, 2012. I’m not too happy with one specific part of it but I’ll get to that later.


The new policy really isn’t much different than the old one with the exception of a few things. The ONE big difference though may just change how often I shop at Walmart now.


Walmart Coupon Policy Changes -


Register Updates: All Walmart registers have now been updated to accept the GS1 barcode. This is the new bar code and eventually all new coupons will have it. In theory, this should make for less problems at the Walmart registers.


Handheld Scanners: Cashiers will no longer be allowed to use the handheld scanners to scan a coupon if it doesn’t want to scan. All coupons must be scanned using the flatbed scanner (think the produce scale).


No manual overrides – Coupons must now scan 100% of the time. Cashiers and CSM’s are not allowed to override and manually input coupons.


Getting your coupons back: If you coupon will not scan, cashiers must return it to you. This applies to BOTH internet AND newspaper insert coupons. This is the part I take minor issue with. I’ve had plenty of legitimate coupons that were not ip’s, but were peelies from the product when I picked it up off of the shelf, insert coupons, etc that refused to scan. For that matter, anytime I get a .50/1 Ortega coupon it beeps no matter what product I use it on. I take issue with the newspaper coupons, peelies and the like being added to this. We don’t print those, I’ve gotten them out of the paper with bad print quality and it’s not our fault (as long as we’re using it 100% correctly) if it won’t scan b/c of a bad print.


Now, with that being said…the reasons for the changes is pretty obvious. Coupon Fraud. Stores (and not just Walmart) are losing a lot of money because of coupon fraud. Whether it is blatently using the wrong coupon on the wrong item, decoding it (which GS1 will hopefully prevent) or even something as “small” as stacking when you shouldn’t be, coupon fraud hurts us ALL.  There is no reason to be committing coupon fraud. There are so many legit deals that you can save money amount of money is worth my ethics, morals or committing a crime for.

Also, let’s not blame a certain show for it. No, I don’t like the show, but we are all responsible for our own actions. No tv show makes us do anything.


Thanks to Paul for the update.

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  1. I’m really sorry most everyone is having trouble with Walmart, but I do feel better knowing it is not just our local Walmart. Everytime I go, we end up calling a CSM who ends up calling a store manager. And with our store, you MUST really watch the cashiers. If you have a stack of coupons, some of the cashiers will take two coupons and only scan one. I avoid Walmart if at all possible. We do not have a Target locally, so we drive 65 miles to shop about twice a month. It is worth it to us locally who are couponing.

  2. Thank you for the information on Walmart .I guess i’ll go to Target they never refuse my coupons!

  3. I have the same issue with ortega coupons. My kroger cashiers are familiar with the issue and just override it. Maybe I should send a message to ortega about it.

  4. Sharon Goff says:

    Also have been told our local Walmart requires no straight black and white coupons. They must have some color. I will say our local walmart is real good with couponers. Several cashiers have gone out of their way to let me know when a policy change is happening. Have had a cashier tease me when I dont lock the register with my coupons. So even with the changes I still say kudos to my walmart and I will still shop there.

  5. Jennifer Zacharias says:

    I don’t work at a walmart, but I’m a cashier at Menards (a fairly large home improvement chain) and the new barcodes on coupons will only scan with our flat scanners. Since the new barcodes are different (they have like 2 lines instead of 1 line of bars) the hand scanner won’t work for them. I’m not sure if thats part of the reasoning behind the new policy?

  6. Barbara Decker Samples says:

    This really sucks! My coupons never scan right at Walmart! NONE OF THEM! If they can’t imput them then I will never use coupons at Walmart again! They cringe when a couponer come in there anyway! I always use my coupons right and never use fraululent coupons but the newspaper, peelies, never work most of the ones sent to me from the manufacturer do not work there. Walmart just is so wrong in so many ways since the sons have taken it over.

  7. OH my walmart is gonna love this change because they cant stand to see someone use just a few coupons anyways so this will be just a better reason not to scan them..even if i am only using 5 or 6 coupons i ALWAYS have a problem and i have never used them in a wrong manner!! its getting harder and harder on the honest couponers out there bc of the bad seeds that wanna try and use coupons in a bad way! im not trying to extreme coupon i am just trying to help keep our grocery bill down as much as possible!! and it seems the coupons themselves have more guidelines on them also in my area. and im starting to slowly see smaller amounts for our coupons and then they stop from doubling too..harder and harder :(

  8. i had problems tonight .. so not loving walmart lately .. i had 2 coupons wouldn’t take and they were not fraud coupons .. I about to do my coupons other places .

  9. angela shoaf says:

    A friend of mine works at Walmart and the reason red plum doesn’t work is it doesn’t have the squ.number on them (items barcode id). And thanks AIC for your posts and updates.

  10. I don’t. Will see what I can find out though.

  11. why cant they use the hand scanner anymore??? My red plum printables never work on the flat scanner…do u know why and what is the difference?

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